We have professional quality production equipment, which can be hired for your project. Some are dry-hire and some are wet-hire. We can provide one or two operators, depending on what your requirements are.

Cinevate Axis Camera Jib

The Cinevate Axis jib is a fantastic asset on set. You can get buttery smooth moving shots, high angles and low angles, all with your A camera.

We can lift up to a 20kg payload, which is a fully loaded RED or Alexa, including Cine lens and remote focus.

The jib can be setup in 10 minutes and comes on a wheeled tripod, so repositioning is easy.


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DJI Ronin

A gimbal stabiliser that will help you get super-steady footage whilst moving your camera.
This is the full size Ronin and will fly anything from an A7s to a RED. We regularly use this with our Sony FS5, with Canon 16-35mm lens.

This can be used in a single operator or dual operator setup. Using two operators gives more control, as the first gets the camera into the right position and the second remote-controls the movement of the camera to frame the shot perfectly.

We can mount the Ronin on our Cinevate Axis Jib, to give a complete jib and remote head solution. With this setup, you can get some outstanding shots.

Connex Wireless HD Link

A superb wireless HD link, with zero latency.
This is essential for shooting with a Director or DOP, to give them a visual of the picture from a gimbal or roving camera.
If you’ve used HD links before, you’ll remember connection problems and dropouts – not with the Connex. A stable picture, super simple to connect and re-connect.

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DJI Wireless Follow Focus
Precise focus control for a gimbal, jib mounted or roving camera.
The DJI wireless system allows us to control focus at a distance, allowing the operator to concentrate on the shot.
We can mount this on our standard camera rig and also on the DJI Ronin.

More info on the DJI website: www.dji.com/focus

Atomos Ninja Assassin Recorder/Monitor

A professional 7″ monitor and recorder for improving the quality of your images.
As a monitor, this has a host of image scopes, to help with focus and exposure.
As a recorder, you’ve got a quality ProRes codec, recording 4K and 1080p to removable SSD drives.

This monitor comes with the atomos power station battery system and a sunshade.

When wet hiring, you get an experienced crew member plus all necessary accessories to make the shoot go smoothly.
We come supplied with:
  • All necessary cables & batteries
  • Camera Kit with everything you might need – lens cloths, allen keys, screwdrivers, sharpies and a few rolls of Gaffer Tape!

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