The Connex Mini from Amimon is an incredibly wireless HD link, with zero latency.

This is essential for shooting with a Director or DOP, to give them a visual of the picture from a gimbal or roving camera.

The transmitter is lightweight and compact, with no noisy fans, allowing you to use it in all scenarios – gimbal, jib, drone or even a shoulder mount.

We have used this system to great effect in car to car filming, where the director is in a chase car. Compared to previous systems, using the Connex was a dream – so simple, great picture, no delay and zero dropouts.


All signals are transmitted in 1080p up to 60fps. All connections are HDMI. The TX and RX unit will take anything from 6V to 28V, so can run off your camera battery, or a small lipo.
On our Ronin, it takes power from the DTap output on the camera carriage. We use an atomos power station for providing power to the receiver end.

If you need a monitor to go with this, we have an Atomos Ninja Assassin available too.

More info available at Amimon:

When wet hiring, you get an experienced crew member plus all necessary accessories to make the shoot go smoothly.
We come supplied with:
  • All necessary cables & batteries
  • Camera Kit with everything you might need – lens cloths, allen keys, screwdrivers, sharpies and a few rolls of Gaffer Tape!
  • Equipment and liability insurance

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