We have a Cinevate Camera Jib for hire and are based in the Leicester area, giving us easy access to Nottingham, Birmingham and Derby, along with London and the rest of the UK.

The Cinevate Axis camera jib gives some great options for creative shots on set.
Super smooth camera movement is made easy, with a vertical lift of between 2 and 4 metres.

High or low angles are simple. Small precise moves are simple. Big, wide jib lifts are super simple and the whole setup takes just 10 minutes.

Coupled with the Ronin, you have a full remote camera head on a jib arm.
The shots possible with this setup are amazing and you’ll find our rates surprisingly cost-effective.

We are often asked why use a jib instead of a gimbal.

Yes a gimbal can get similar shots, but can your operator repeat it 10 times in a row, whilst the talent nails their line?
The jib can.
You can also put your A Camera on the jib, instead of downgrading to a DSLR or lightweight mirrorless body.

“Yes, but a jib takes ages to setup…”
Not this one – setup time is about 10 minutes and packdown is even quicker.

The max payload is 20kg, which is a fully loaded RED or Alexa.
It mounts on a heavy duty Manfrotto tripod and dolly, which allows for easy repositioning on smooth(ish) ground.

When wet hiring, you get an experienced crew member plus all necessary accessories to make the shoot go smoothly.
We come supplied with:
  • All necessary cables & batteries
  • Camera Kit with everything you might need – lens cloths, allen keys, screwdrivers, sharpies and a few rolls of Gaffer Tape!
  • Equipment and liability insurance

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